At home, we have a big pile of wellies in a variety of sizes by the utility room door. These usually tend to be available on a ‘first come first serve’ basis and are happily well-worn, caked in mud and for the most part, pretty old now!

I decided it was high time to finally buy a pair of my own wellies, rather than renting from the library, especially with it being the winter months (dam my obsession with shoes that are unfailingly not-waterproof!)…


I couldn’t resist opting for a pair of Hunters – I love that they come in a huge variety of colours, that they last for ages and they are of course, a British heritage brand which is another reason to love them!


I ordered online (rather than purchasing in-store), so let’s start with the good – the delivery was prompt, and the packaging is beautiful, a fold up box which can act as a ‘carry case’ for them. The packaging felt very luxury and is exactly what you’d expect for the amount of money you’re spending

In terms of drawbacks, I would say (and I have heard the same from other people), that if, like me, you don’t possess skinny graceful calves, but are cursed with a chunky leg leading to an elegant cankle, then these will need a bit of breaking in, and can feel a bit too tight. I’d advise sizing up from your normal size, and if you like to wear big thick socks, I’d definitely advise going in and trying on to avoid disappointment!


Max was pretty pleased I had finally got some proper wellies to wear on our walks so he no longer has to listen to me complaining about cold feet or leaks in my normal boots! Not to mention, he was more than happy to help out with a little bit of modelling, too. What a gem, eh? 😉

You can browse the Hunter website by clicking here

Have you got a pair of Hunters in your wardrobe?

Kate x



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