Backyard Cinema – Winter Night Garden


London loves Christmas. As someone who LOVES living in London, and LOVES Christmas, this is truly my favourite time to be in the city (although, I say that when Summer rolls round, too, so…). There’s so many fun, Winter-themed pop-ups, and you’ve probably heard of the obvious ones like Winter Wonderland, Ice Skating at Somerset House etc… but my housemates and I have discovered something a little different…

Backyard Cinema is tucked away in Elephant and Castle – it’s a cool little warehouse layout full of delicious food stalls – churros, ice-cream and pizza all in one place, alongside a vast array of wines? Yes please!

winternightgarden3  winternightgarden2

Not only that, but it will thoroughly get you in the festive feeling… You walk in to the cinema by going through a wardrobe – totally Narnia style – and walk through a pine forest, the smell of which alone is bound to make just about anyone think fondly of pilgrimages to get a Christmas tree :)…


and as you walk through the snow covered walkway … you’ll soon be greeted by the site of bean bags up on bean bags with cosy throws on them. There’s a bar selling a wide variety of cocktails and of course, mulled wine and cider, so you can snuggle up on your bean bag, wrapped in your throw and wrap your hands around a piping hot mulled wine, before settling down to the film of your choice!


There’s also a SNOW MACHINE! So you really can have a white Christmas 🙂 even if it’s not set to snow! If you do go – wrap up warm, the actual cinema bit is pretty chilly, even if you do have a mulled wine to warm your cockles…


The staff were lovely, too ,which always makes a huge difference.

Backyard Cinema is selling out SUPER quick, so get in early and book your tickets here!

Kate x


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