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Handbags are the LOVE of my life. I have one very special bag in particular that I always use – so it was always going to be a wrench for me to find something which I would wear as regularly as my beloved Mulberry…

Enter Boutique of Molly – you might remember them from my recent post!


When I spied this little bag I thought it might finally be the answer to getting a new bag which I could use in tandem with my beloved Mulberry.


Someone remarked at work the other day ‘that’s a worryingly small bag for you…’ – and this is the beauty of this bag, it looks small but it fits in all my day-to-day needs – phone, oyster card holder, purse, lip gloss, ipad, notepad and pen!

It reminds me so much of the Mulberry Mini Lily Shoulder Bag!


Don’t let the fact it’s faux leather put you off, either – this material feels super luxurious and this bag is totally worth the £30 – the interior of it as well doesn’t feel cheap at all, and I suspect this bag will be long-wearing.

Buy the Tokyo Bag here on Boutique of Molly, and remember you get 20% off when you type in KATE20 at the checkout – woop!

Kate x


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