My Perfect Party Dress


I always stick to black. Black dress, nude heels, gold necklace. It’s my classic go-to party-wear capsule wardrobe-in-one. Until I met this dress…

As part of my inadvertent online splurge at New Look the other day, I spied this cute drop-hemmed dress, and couldn’t help but feel it was the perfect dress for the party season (and it still goes perfectly with nude shoes and clutch – hurrah), although on this particular day I dressed it down with back tights and ankle boots.


It’s got the most beautiful sleeves to match the unusual cut of the dress. I’ve had so many compliments on this beaut that I’m tempted to buy it in all the other colours I’ve spied it in on the New Look website!


New Look has really, pleasantly surprised me the past few times I’ve visited their site. I often forget them but they are so well priced, and cover off both basics and fashion bits.

Annoyingly though, in my bumper order the other day, they had somehow mistakenly packed underwear into the packet which said 2 x black leggings, and one of the basic tops I ordered from there had a rip in the collar one day after wearing, so I’ve got some bits to send back. This, and the jacket, however are a little more pricey, but they seem to be made of a really good quality material and are a bit more longer-wearing. 🙂


Get the dress here – available in red, pink, yellow and black! One for every party you go to this December 😉

Have you made any party wear purchases recently?

Kate x




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