Happy Housemate Christmas…

One of my all time favourite days of the year is our ‘Housemate Christmas’. We’re a real little family unit in our house, and we love hanging out together – it’s so much fun living with a bunch of your best friends. As I mentioned before, we all love Christmas, and one of the best parts of December is our special day together, or Housemate Christmas as we call it.

We order in everything that would be needed for a full Christmas dinner (adding extra pigs in blankets to avoid any kind of rationing…or should that be rashering…)We sit together, make food, listen to classical carols…Eat, pull crackers and be merry…

Give each other a secret santa and a stocking filler:

And then we play our favourite game. It doesn’t have a name other than ‘our favourite game’ in our house. We pair up, write favourite memories of us all together from the year and drop them in a box.

Then, there are several rounds, and each pair gets 60 seconds –  the first round is Articulate – you have to describe the memory to your partner, then sharades, then we wittle down to one word and then facial expression. It’s totally ridiculous and hilarity always ensues!

Looking over the memories we’ve shared over the last year, looking around the table and seeing beaming faces, laughing together and making more memories… It’s the perfect day, with the perfect people.

How do you and your friends celebrate Christmas?

Kate x


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