Make Up Revolution – Strobing


What, the bloody hell, is strobing?!

As I may have mentioned before, I’ve always been dying to be one of those people who is just all-knowing when it comes to beauty products, but I never have been, I just don’t have The Gift, I guess!

So, I was late to the game with contouring, and in my usual fashion, I was late to the game with strobing! What is strobing? Think J-Lo and her glowing dew-y look circa late 90s and you’re pretty much there. According to the interwebs, the definition is:

*’Strobing focuses exclusively on highlighter, applied where light would naturally hit your face’*

Personally, my favourite highlighter will always be Benefit’s High Beam. I just love the effect it gives and that it isn’t too glittery.

One drizzly Wednesday, on one of those classic ‘pop into Superdrug to buy makeup wipes, oh no I’ve suddenly spent my entire month’s rent’ trips, I was pretty excited to see that Make Up Revolution had released a product called ‘Ultra Strobe Cream’ and I had high hopes for it potentially being a High Beam dupe.

I think the packaging is one of the main things which caught my eye, but for me that’s where the ‘good’ bits of this product ended 🙁

As directed I started with a small amount (see pic). One thing I noticed was the smell was super fragrant, but to me it reminded me of Impulse scent, so it just wasn’t to my taste. I gently rubbed it in, only to find that it hadn’t made much difference…

So I was a little more generous …


And my arm essentially looked like the Snapchat filter that gives you a golden sparkly face.

I think this would be great for holiday – you could layer it over a tan to give a nice shimmer effect, but if you’re going for that super intense highlighter look, I’m not sure this is going to give it to you.  🙁 – plus smell is subjective, it just personally wasn’t to my taste, and I prefer my make-up not to smell too overpowering as I like to wear perfume.

I love Make Up Revolution products, so if you haven’t tried them, don’t let this deter you as their lip and eye products are so good for the price you pay. I’ll be reviewing one of their palettes soon so stay tuned for that.

Do you have any highlighter recommendations?

Kate x


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