Christmas Reflections

I’m currently writing this, tucked up in my Mum’s study, post-Christmas TV on the background, various boxes and jigsaws and other Christmas bits and bobs lying around with a hot cup of tea in hand, watching the sun lazily drop behind the big hill…

It’s quiet in the house, for the first time since Christmas Eve. We’re a big family to begin with – there’s four of us ‘kids’ (although we’re a bit old to be called that now), 2 parents, plus ones, grandparents, nieces and nephews oh, and of course, a dog.

  We could literally formulate a small army with the amount of people we have!

With some of my family living abroad now, and some still living back home, and with us all having super busy lives, it often feels like Christmas is the one time of year we truly spend proper time together.

This year, we did what we always do and congregated at my parents house. We spent the evenings playing games, watching Christmas TV, playing dominos, and picking out the edge pieces for a jigsaw all with a glass of wine in hand…

And the days – which always start super early when my nieces and nephews are around! – were spent running around in the garden, only going inside to warm up by the fire and have another big mug of hot chocolate… Or, something stronger 😉

Then it’d be time to pop on a movie, snuggle down and relax for the evening, ready to do it all again the next day!

This truly is my favourite time of year; from being out of London and in the peace and quiet, dog at my feet, but mainly, getting to just spend time with my favourite people in the world.

How was your festive break? I hope you had an amazing time 🙂

Kate x


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