2017 Goals

This year I don’t have a single goal or resolution…

For the first time since I can remember, I didn’t start January 1st plotting out an unrealistic diet plan (besides, what do you do with all the leftover chocolate if you can’t eat it ALL to comfort you in January?!) or spent it writing out a ‘to do’ list of all the things I *must* do in the year – and I’m really happy about that.

The thing about goals is, they’re just for you. You don’t need to lose weight to make someone else happy, you don’t need to become a fitness fanatic to ensure you get lots of ‘Likes’ on social media (although more power to you if you do become a fitness fanatic 🙂 ) and you don’t need to stress about goals you think you *need* to achieve.

At the end of this year, I spent a lovely Christmas with my  healthy family , and came back to London to spend New Years Eve with my best friends.

Instead of goals, this year, I’m looking back – a year is a really, really, long time; 525600 minutes, to be precise. I thought back to last year, where I’d had realms of lists of things I simply had to do most of which, I never managed! That said, I’ve done some pretty important and special stuff this year…

  • learning how to prioritise my health (didn’t take me too long at 26 😉 ),
  • learning a bit more about who I am, that it’s OK I like to stay in and be homely rather than going out ALL the time (I used to be out until all hours of the morning dancing my little shoes off),
  • I learned its OK to no longer be friends with people if they can’t come through for you,
  • I learned it’s OK to not be *great* with money  (though I am constantly trying to improve on this)
  • I learned that sometimes, you have to take a time out. It might mean you have to miss out on something special, or something you really want to do, but maybe for whatever reason, you just can’t, and that’s OK. When one door closes, another door opens.

That probably seems like very little, but to me, these have been such lovely and important milestones.

I’m sat here, cosy on my sofa, surrounded by  my lovely housemates who I’m lucky enough to call my best friends, my phone happily buzzing with updates on the  family group whatsapp, a cold glass of wine (no thank you, dry January), and my feet up ready to take on all the lessons 2017 has for me, too.

Will you make goals this year or will you look back? Or both?

Kate x



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