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Harry Potter Cupcake – How To

It’s no secret that I’m a massive Harry Potter geek. I love to bake and I love to think of cute ways to ice cakes.

I had a brain wave that I wanted to do something cool with this gold icing I purchased a while back and I recently had the perfect idea.

First, whip up some cupcakes and butter icing.

Then, you’ll need some packs of coloured icing. I use these ones. and this is the gold icing:

  • For the snitch, roll white icing into a ball and roll in the gold icing (The gold icing is very thin, so I poured mine in to a saucer). Then, roll out the black icing and cut into diamond shapes. Gently score along the bottom with a knife to give a winged-effect. Arrange with the wings first and then place the snitch on top.
  • For the sorting hat, cut out a triangle and pinch the top so it curves around slightly. Then roll and pinch some black icing into a ‘brim’. Take a small square and dip in the gold icing, and roll two very small black bits of icing to give it a ‘patch’.
  • For the deathly hallows, there’s a circle in there, but I’d recommend cutting the middle out the triangle so you have a real definition. A thin strip of black dipped in gold will give you an Elder Wand.
  • Weirdly I found the lightening hardest to do. Roll white icing out. Do the first two ‘zig zags’ of the lightening bolt first. Then take another bit of icing, and pinch gently into a point. Place on cake and use a little brush to cover in gold icing.

I also did little Hogwats House cupckaes…

but there are loads of things you could do – half moon spectacles for Dumbledore, a Nagini snake, a Whomping Willow – it’s totally up to you! 🙂

Show me your cupcake creations!

Kate x

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