The Alchemist

In London, you’re never short of a cool bar or restaurant to go to, and in an effort to beat the January blues, we booked into The Alchemist…

The Alchemist is a very cool bar, located just by Liverpool Street, claiming to be masters in the dark arts of molecular mixology and demons in the kitchen, and they  do not disappoint!

Cosy up in a booth, and while away time waiting for your friends while you watch old silent movies projected on to the big screen…

Or, grab a Melbuccino (Ketel One vodka, licor 43 Vanilla, Milk and Espresso coffee foam) while you  peruse their extensive menu. We didn’t quite manage all the cocktails but we did go for some favourites…

Let’s discover these amazingly delicious cocktails together.

This one, the colour changer, has two different flavours the first is Apple, and the second is dark, mint, chocolate…

Next up, the Drug Rummer – another one with quite some theatre about it, this cocktails smells amazing, and looks pretty cool too – the Drug Rummer consists of a delicious mix of Mount Gay Black Barrel rum, Winter sugars, citrus and toasted Sage. The theatre on this one is pretty cool and the smell will pretty much instantly transport you to a Caribbean sunset beach bonfire party 🙂

This one, the Lady marmalade contains Chase Marmalade, Belsazar Vermouth, Bergamot, Lemon, Citrus. It comes in a conical flask which smokes away filling your table with plumes of dry ice – super theatrical and definitely very cool!


Soon, our food arrived and amazingly, the food was on par with the drinks. The menu is quite small, but there are loads of delicious options to choose from!

You’ll need to book in advance as it gets pretty busy for table service, but they do have a bar area you can retire to afterwards.

This is the perfect night out – with friends, dates, colleagues or even just to treat yourself!

Book The Alchemist here

Kate x




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