Goodbye, Chapter One




I’m thinking of 2017 as a book with 12 chapters in, one for every month. At the end of every  month I’ll be rounding up some of the fun things that I’ve posted about on the blog as a bit of a reminder of what’s been going on and linking you back to those posts – in case you fancy a re-read or are a new reader who’d like to see a bit more from this little blog 🙂

The first party of January was of course a New Years Eve affair – we had so much fun having friends over and getting all dolled up together…

Then to alleviate January blues we headed to The Alchemist for some pretty magical cocktails…

It was also the month I pretty much tried to destroy everyone’s resolutions with my Just Like Heaven brownies, and my Nana Loaf

Then, I took two of my besties home for a little break to the country – after a week of break-ups, illnesses, and just generally feeling like rubbish, a long country walk and pub dinner, followed with cosying by a fire with a bottle of prosecco and some sage advice from Mummy W was exactly what everyone needed!…

After that, in a further bid to beat January blues, we decided to host our own board-game night! Board game cafes have popped up a lot around London recently – and our particular favourite is Drafts cafe, however, at £5 to play, and cost of food and drink, and what with it being -skint January and all- we figured we could throw our own for cheaper. Get people to bring their favourite games and contribute a snack or a bottle of something, and play away!

I also gained 70+ followers on Twitters taking me to over 400, which is a very small number but one I’m happy with, oh and I  kept up with my blog, sharing my first ever personal post. Not to mention, I got back on my health-kick, too!

I feel like January has been a good start to the year; my aim is to do 2 or 3 things a month which get me out of the house on a weekend and although I didn’t quite achieve that strictly speaking I like to think I made some good headway! Stay tuned for February – not only is it my birthday but I’ve got two staycations planned, a theatre trip and some other bits and bobs I’ll share when I can –  and can’t wait to take you all on an adventure with me 🙂

Kate x




  1. February 12, 2017 / 11:32

    Thank you for sharing this round-up with us, Kate! I really love posts like these as it’s a really nice way to reflect back on the good stuff that has happened over the course of the month and record thing for posterity! It’s so easy to forget precisely when events happen, so writing posts like this will be so nice to look back on in future, I’m sure! Looking forward to your Chapter Two for February!

    Abbey 😘

    • Kate
      February 15, 2017 / 13:11

      Ah yes, it’s nice to do a quick little review – makes you feel like you’ve done a lot in a month! Thank you as always for your lovely and well thought through comments x

      Kate x

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