A Month of Memories: March

Though it’s been a strangely uneventful month – it’s actually been an insanely stressful. Work, life, family, friends, love life – it seems that literally something has gone wrong on every feasible cylinder. I should have guessed it might have been a bad month when my Mum and I decided to treat ourselves to a relaxing weekend of wining and reading our books by the fire… Only for a pipe to burst and a huge part of the house be flooded and ruined…

It’s been a month of battling estate agents, flat tyres, frustrating phonically, scraping around for inspiration, things generally deciding to not go my way – but apparently Mercury is in retrograde, so at least that goes some way to explaining March Madness ;-).

Suffice it to say, I’m pretty happy to wave goodbye to March! That said, I have had a couple of amazing days…

My bestie and I kicked off the month by washing away our post-Iceland blues the best way how – with the discovery of an amazing secret pub (warrants a post of its own!) and bottomless brunch at my favourite dancing haunt in West London. There’s something really weird about being in a club in the day, Lost & Co isn’t really an exception – I always have a great night out. The food is average but the service we received is above and beyond, and bottomless brunch here is really reasonable!

The gang and I headed to Wales where we watched Wales v France in the six nations. With two welshmen and a Frenchman, it was quite the emotional rollercoaster. We were all in great spirits and the next day before setting off and enjoyed a delicious Sunday roast while snow heavily settled outside the window.

Workwise, we were kept busy at a trade show. In my previous jobs, being part of and running events is something I thooughly enjoy – I’ve been to India, City Hall, Barcelona, Milan, Sitges – to name but a few! I love the adrenaline of running and participating in events – you’re on the go non-stop, and then usually out for dinners in the evening and it is EXHAUSTING, but you always feel so satisfied you’ve done an excellent job. I actually wasn’t involved in this so much as my role no longer covers marketing, so I was stood on the stand trying to lure people in. It’s actually more fun than it sounds and it’s a great way for the team to bond! I consumed approximately 1800000 litres of coffee in two days. I might do a separate post on how to survive running and working an event, if you’d be interested? 🙂

My work bestie and I went on out afterwards in the city which was the perfect tonic – although the barman overheard me say I was craving a Terrys Chocolate Orange (classy I know!) so he made us these cocktails which were supposed to taste like Terrys Chocolate Orange… Let me assure you… They did not.

Max was so well behaved at the groomers she gave him a bow tie and – well –

It was the last night at art club – I’m going to really miss having this sanctuary on Wednesday nights, I definitely want to take up doing another course! This was done with wall paper samples, and then hand-lettering / painting on top.

The girls and I managed to get dolled up and horrifically drunk – never again – in the final celebration for J’s 30th.

Lastly, I found myself staring down into this coffee in what will be my new local cafe – yep, after weeks of trawling around, tearing my hair out, a good few tears and some dark days thinking I was set to have to move back out to the South-East from home – London, my bestie and I finally found the dream place. I can’t wait to do a home tour post to show you all…

Finally, on Good Friday I spent the day in the midlands with my darling grandparents. Treating them to small things – Easter eggs and Flowers brightens their day so much, as does the company. They are so amazing, I just wish I could see them more!

I’m really hoping that the horribleness of March (which is obviously only briefly alluded to in this post, but dominated most of the month) is over…

April will see me move in with Lee which will be great, but also leave the best friends I’ve lived with since my unexpected arrival in London – it will be bitter sweet in equal measures. My Mum, sisters and I have a spa weekend coming up (review to follow!) and I’ll no doubt be moaning a lot about how much I hate packing!

How was your March? Are you looking forward to April?






  1. March 31, 2018 / 23:25

    I WANT A SPA WEEKEND. I’m sorry you’ve had such a stressful month, I’m so amazed at how much you’ve managed to achieve! I’m glad you had some fun cocktail moments and drinks in-between the stress though! I’m so happy you have got a flat, I can’t wait to see pictures! Moving can be so stressful but I’m glad you’ve got things to look forward to! My March was good, I had a lot on and it seemed to go quite quickly! I’m looking forward to April though – especially as I can eat chocolate and drink prosecco again as of tomorrow!
    Love you xxx

    • Kate
      April 12, 2018 / 13:38

      YES LETS IMMEDIATELY GO ON ONE TOGETHER SIMPLY NOTHING ELSE WILL DO! Thank you for your lovely comment – the cocktails certainly eased the brutalness of March! I can’t wait for you and Abbey to pop over and we can have a reunion sleepover! Hurray for chocolate and prosecco!
      Love you too xxx

  2. March 31, 2018 / 23:38

    I think March has just been one of those months, its been awful for me too so I hope we both have a better April!! Happy to hear you found somewhere to live!

    Steph x

  3. April 3, 2018 / 00:01

    It sounds like you had a super busy, and stressful, March. I’m intrigued by those Terry’s Chocolate Orange cocktails now. 😀 Hope your April is better for you! Good luck with your moving into the flat.

  4. April 3, 2018 / 12:08

    Your dog is so cute! Xx

  5. April 3, 2018 / 12:32

    Oh gosh what a lot of stress you’ve had this month! I hope April is considerably calmer for you. Max is SO DAMN CUTE. I love his bow tie xxx

  6. Charlene McElhinney
    April 3, 2018 / 20:44

    Max is adorable. That little bow tie though (my heart)! Sounds like you created fantastic memories and made the very most of the month! Thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

    Charlene McElhinney

    • Kate
      April 12, 2018 / 13:34

      Haha aw thank you – I shall pass on your compliments accordingly – he will be very pleased!
      Kate x

  7. April 4, 2018 / 10:38

    I feel like March just wasn’t a good month for most people! I was overly stressed throughout it and I can see April being the same for unfortunately.
    I love that you took an Art course, I really want to take a creative writing or photography course one day as they are two passions I hope to get better at.
    Max is so cute and I love the bow – too cute.
    I hope your move in with Lee goes well. I bet it’s so exciting. I can’t wait to have a place with Matt thought that’s definitely another few years away!
    I hope April is a better month for you Kate! xx


    • Kate
      April 12, 2018 / 13:33

      I totally agree Tabitha – but at least everyones in the same boat with the crappy Marches! I hope April surprises you and that you see a much less stressful time come your way! The Art course was amazing and I totally loved it. I think your photography is absolutely amazing! I shall tell Max what you said – he will be chuffed 😉
      Here’s to a better month ahead for us both!
      Kate x

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