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Hello! Sorry for the radio silence, it’s been a very busy few weeks with family, friend and work woes.

It seems like forever ago that one of the girls and I decided to take a little jaunt to the country side; we decided to drive deep into Herefordshire for a glamping stop-off at The Moon and I.

A converted Shepherds Hut with its own hot tub in the middle of nowhere. On the way down we stopped off for a couple of mini adventures, too – £3 Mini Golf any one?!

Eventually we got to the hut – here’s your mini-tour:

After we’d got all settled in and decided that a little bit of light rain wasn’t enough to stop us, so we donned our wellies, whacked on head torches and took to the muddy  dirt tracks of Hereford for a 27 minute walk to the pub. Here, we learned our first valuable lesson; always check the pub is open before you walk there in the rain. 27 minutes later we’d returned back to our hut, thrown a log on the woodburner, cracked open a bottle of prosecco and hastily pulled together a cheeseboard.

After such a lengthy walk(!), we decided our muscles could really do with relaxing down, so it was time to jump into the secluded hot tub and put the world to rights (over more wine, of course.).

Our first morning in the hut, we were visited by some locals ;-),

and busied ourselves making breakfast from freshly laid hens eggs, and a hearty breakfast ready for a day of adventuring.

As we were just by Hay-on-Wye, we decided it would be rude not to stop by ahead of our waterfall walk in order to wander around the many book shops on offer. I even managed to pick up a couple of very early Christmas presents..!

We stopped at a cafe to get some sustenance; we were met by an adorable lady who highly recommend the freshly baked raspberry and white chocolate muffins; tart raspberries and white chocolate that was still gooey, we could have stayed and eaten muffins all day, but we decided to hit the road and journey in to the Brecon Beacons.

The drive into the starting point was absolutely stunning and we spent a lot of our time awe-struck looking at our surroundings. As demonstrated by both of us, here:

Phones with no signal, and just a map to follow, it was the perfect way to take a break from all of the goings-on of the real world. We nailed the walk in a quicker time than we anticipated, and despite a near run in with a cow on the way home, we made it back to the car where it was time to head to a nearby pub, where we managed to get really in the Christmas spirit, despite it only being November.

A hearty pie, 2 large lemonades later and it was time to hit the road again for one last dip in our amazing hot tub, a few rounds of card games with a happily roaring fire, a glass of something fizzy was the perfect thing to send us soundly to sleep ahead of our journey home.

On the way home we decided that we wanted to visit Apple Cider County Co. We’d heard a rumour that you just rock up, ring the bell and someone comes out to give you a tour. After nearly knocking on some poor Farm-hand’s house, we finally drove through an orchard and found it. Home made chutneys, coulis, jams all were available alongside an awesome and detailed tasting of the ciders produced at the orchard. It was quite a quick stop, and I expect this is probably better in the summer months when  you can take a long walk through the orchard.

It was an amazing trip – and just what the doctor ordered in the midst of a few sad goings-on. Cheese, wine and the great outdoors; what could possibly get you feeling better?

To book The Moon and I head here
The husband and wife duo, Rueben and Martha, who run
The Moon and I are absolutely divine – they were just amazing and nothing was ever too much trouble, with them always being on hand to help if we needed anything.

They made the stay extra special and I cannot recommend a stay in their Shepherds Hut enough! they also have a Yurt, so check that out if its more your thing! 

Kate x



  1. December 11, 2018 / 11:21

    I’m very sorry to hear you’ve had a sad time recently but oh, wow, this mini break looks absolutely amazing. The Hut is gorgeous and I bet the wood burner made it super cosy. How lovely to be able to breakfast on such fresh eggs too. I’ve never been to the Brecon Beacons but the scenery looks stunning, especially the waterfall. Thank you for sharing your trip with us – and I LOVE the title of this post, it’s brilliant 🙂 xx

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

  2. December 18, 2018 / 09:30

    This trip looks so much fun! The Shepherd’s Hut looks gorgeous and so cosy. I love a hot tub, and combined with wine and a good friend, what could be better?! The bookshops sound so cute, and it looks like the ideal place to just switch off from everything!
    Love you xxx

  3. Stephanie Dring
    December 19, 2018 / 18:38

    This looks like such a cute little place to stay!

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