A Postcard From Singapore


My trip of a lifetime in 2017 was hands down one of – if not the best – experience of my life. I wrote about hiking volcanos at sunrise, running through jungles, relaxing in the heart of Ubud, drinking all of the wine in the Yarra wine valleys but there’s a particularly special part of the trip that I didn’t tell you about – which was visiting some very special residents in Singapore.

My brother and his wife had been living in Singapore for quite some time before I got the chance to visit. Its so strange looking back on this now, as Lucy was heavily pregnant with my twin nieces (this was in September, and they arrived a couple of weeks later in October!). You might also recognise Lucy from her blog which you can read here.

The landing in to Singapore was turbulent. I was on a mission to conquer my fear of flying and I’m not sure whether that exacerbated it or made it better, ha! Any feelings of unease I had soon disappeared when I walked through the airport to find my big brother grinning through glass at arrivals as I waited for my suitcase :). It was so exciting to be in Singapore with him, and to finally see all the places I’d heard so much about.

For me, I always want home comforts after a long-haul flight; to freshen up and to settle in. Lucy had the bacon sandwiches waiting on arrival, and we sat on their beautiful terrace and caught up about all the things that you just can’t quite say over WhatsApp. I remember feeling so overwhelmingly happy – being with my family, being near the sea and, um, eating bacon.

We spent an enjoyable couple of hours down at the beach, enjoying a few smoothies, and finding myself fascinated by how many monkeys just freely roamed around; it felt like a world away from where I’d just come from!

Our first stop was to see the Noodle Man – a little restaurant in China Town which came highly recommended from Lucy and Simon. I had some delicious Gyoza, but I was scuppered by that weird poorly feeling you get when the jet lag hits so avoided food for the most part, with a steely resolve to return another time, we continued our exploration. S&L were the best tour guides, and it was amazing to see Singapore first hand with them.

We wandered into the markets where all manner of trinkets were on offer… and spotted Durian fruit (which isn’t allowed on public transport because of how bad it smells. Let me assure you, Singapore are absolutely making the right choice with that particular law..!) and took in some of the unusual architecture Singapore plays host to.

We meandered towards the iconic Marina Bay sands hotel, stopping in at the famous Fullerton Bay hotel… Some of the architecture in Singapore is so stark, but by contrast the Fullerton Bay Hotel and of course, the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel are pretty amazing to see up close and personal.

We stopped off for a delicious ice-cream, and after an exceptionally impressive innings from my super pregnant sis in law, and a super jet-lagged me, we decided we’d head home and like the adults we are, all enjoy an afternoon nap.

My brother woke Lucy and I up a few hours later, having just booked us in at the amazing UoB, an amazing Chinese restaurant found up high in one of Singapore’s skyscrapers. It really takes something to wake Lucy and I, but when he mentioned pre-ordered duck. If there’s one thing guaranteed to get me out of bed, it’s Chinese food!

We wondered through the beautiful part of Singapore, and later they treated me to a few drinks at the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

The hotel is stunning, its known for its views and the infinity pool that lends itself to views out across Singapore, as well as the views across the back, where you can spot the Gardens by the Bay, too!

It’s such a beautiful, clean city with so much life. It was amazing walking from the little markets, surrounded by houses with such unique architecture to being in the heart of a city with skyscrapers are far as the eye could see.

It was such an amazing 24 hours; I can’t believe how much we managed to cram in. It was one of the most special parts of my trip and I’ll always be grateful that I got to go and see where S&L were living and that we had such an amazing time, before their lives changed forever!

The twins are absolutely gorgeous (although nearly impossible to tell apart), and I’m desperate to go back and visit again, although I suspect this time there’ll be less afternoon naps for us adults, and lots more running around, but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way! Here’s to the next trip…




  1. February 11, 2019 / 19:52

    I’ve always wanted to visit Singapore, it looks like such an amazing city! It sounds like you had an incredible trip Kate xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  2. February 12, 2019 / 10:46

    Ahhh I love hearing all about your trips! I visited Singapore for a couple of days a few years ago when Sam and I were visiting Thailand and Indonesia, and I absolutely loved it. It’s such a unique place, I remember being a bit surprised at how expensive it was – especially alcohol! – but it was so beautiful and clean. I loved just wandering around and trying to take everything in. I’d love to go back too! Beautiful photos, I’m glad you had the best time
    Hels xx

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