Travel Diaries: Butterfly Valley

We sat at the stern of the boat, S, myself and three strangers, as well as our captain (or ‘Kaptan’), cook and deck hand.A map was spread out on the mahogany table, as we were talked through the route we’d be taking down the Turkish coastline, with our first stop a short ride away to a secluded part of Samanlik Bay. We felt so euphoric; beautiful blue waters and full of the sense of adventure that lay ahead.

It’s almost impossible to keep S and I out of the sea – we love it; so, seconds after the boat had anchored, we were in some of the clearest water I’d seen, swimming out to rope swings and jumping off the rocks and into the water.

We settled in that night to dinner and cards, and our first night below deck.

I rarely lie in, and less so when I’m somewhere new – I guess it’s the excitement. I crept up on deck, to find Kaptan Nobi and his crew already pottering around on deck. We chatted in hushed voices about the plans, as Mustafa handed me the first of many coffees.

They assured me there was nothing to do, so I sat and watched the sun rise over us and our neighbours.

Before long, every one was awake, and ready to set sail to our next stop, Butterfly Valley…

I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful Butterfly Valley is, despite it’s abundant lack of butterflies!

We left our little home on the water, and trundled onto a rather pebbly beach

And went into explore the valley a little further…

Butterfly Valley housed a grand total of about two butterflies, but heaps of other beauty and wildlife. I’d definitely recommend trainers (we went up in flip flops) but could definitely have gone on further in the right footwear. Oh, and one other thing – pretty much everything on this tour requires cash, so don’t forget to change up some Lira :).

Before we knew it, it was time to head back and head on to our next stop; it felt like we’d only been at Butterfly Valley for a few minutes and we all agreed we could have stayed and explored the clear waters all day…

The bar had been set so high by Butterfly Valley, how could the rest of the trip possibly live up to our first proper day in Turkey?


Kate x


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