Travel Diaries: Turkey’s Most Beautiful Hidden Secret…

Nothing could prepare me for the beauty of the next place we were set to visit. As we set sail once again, this time in pursuit of sunken ruins, we still couldn’t quite believe our luck as the sun shone on our faces and the conditions favoured us, hurrying us along our way.

The sunken ruins are beautiful; although really this was only a small part of our trip, the real beauty came when we docked a short distance from the island of Kekova.

I guess this was one of my other misconceptions of Turkey – I don’t know where this stems from particularly but I guess I never really thought of it as a beautiful place, but Turkey continued to prove me wrong. And this next place, absolutely kicked my misconceptions to the curb…

Kekova looks like it belongs in a film – it looks like a tiny island where a Mamma Mia-esque plot line might take place.

We scrambled off to climb up to the top of the island for some unrivalled views. “A word,” our Captain announced pointing at a small building on the side of the mountain; “That, is the I Am Here café. You must stop and try the ice cream. Tell them I sent you. Have fun!”

So we climbed to the top, after a hearty ice cream stop, and as we climbed occasionally pausing to peak through Byzantine ruins at the view below.

At the top, we decided to just … take it all in…

It was really something…

We climbed down the hill side again, and absolutely dying of thirst, stopped at a spot with the best view in Turkey.

Fish swam right by our feet, there was no one around but us…

And we watched our home from the water, before deciding to try to nail the Instagram shot…

And quickly realising, we were much better suited to ‘reality’, rather than Instagram…

Soon, the smell of wood smoke reached us whilst we splashed around in the water and our captain called us back to the boat.

Fresh cook fish awaited, as well as an amazing cake to celebrate S’ birthday.  “You know something?” the Captain said, “today is my birthday too!” – we drank, ate cake, laughed and reminisced over another beautiful day, trying our best not to lament the upcoming trip which would take us back to port in Fethiye, where our trip would end…

Have you visited Kekova or the sunken ruins?


Kate x





  1. January 2, 2020 / 17:47

    Omg wow, such a beautiful post! Your writing is beautiful and your photos are something else. I had to pin the first photo on Pinterest it’s stunning! Sounds like you had a magical time xxx

  2. January 2, 2020 / 22:36

    Ah this post brought back so many memories. Alan and I used to holiday in Kalkan all the time, every year for 14 years in fact. We know Kekova and Kas well, I’m so jealous! These are beautiful photos, the sea and scenery really is something else in this part of Turkey. Gorgeous, thank you for sharing, Lisa xxx

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