Luton Hoo

Every year, my two sisters, Mum and I escape for a weekend. Between all of the children, dogs, and general cacophony of noise that our family has, it’s pretty rare we manage an entire conversation together. It seemed only right that we start escaping to places where we could squeeze in some fairly serious R&R, a nice walk, a dinner we could get dressed up for, and beds for us to sink into at the end of it all…

We like to switch it up and this year we chose Luton Hoo.

I’d heard a lot about Luton Hoo and was super excited to experience it for myself. I adore Autumn, and the drive up to Luton Hoo does not disappoint – lined by trees in shades of liquid amber, a winding road leads you to a stately home, and a little further on, the accommodation.

We arrived and headed straight for a quick coffee to establish our itinerary (we’re very organised, don’t you know). We headed to Adam’s Brasserie for lunch, a delicious pate followed by beautifully cooked fish, and then quick as could be, we headed over to the spa.

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know I’m a sucker for a great spa. Luton Hoo is beautiful – it was pouring with rain outside and we even saw a little deer roaming around outside. However, seating was exceptionally limited. We ended up sat on four deck chairs – this wasn’t hugely a problem but there were probably about ten chairs around the pool. The facilities overall were very good; although their Saunarium (no, I’ve no idea what it is either) was broken. Soon enough we made our way to the therapy rooms where we all had massages booked. We all came out afterwards feeling suitably invigorated / relaxed depending on the types of massage we had opted for. The sound system bizarrely broke during all of our massages but it didn’t particularly effect the massage in itself, it just made for a slightly annoying humming noise.

We called for our ride to take us to the restaurant; Luton Hoo has adorable green cabs which will transport you all round the grounds…

Dinner could of course, only start one way – with champagne. We sat in the lounge drinking in the surroundings and the excitable atmosphere of getting each other all to ourselves…Dinner itself was an incredible affair, the food was delicious (sorry but I just couldn’t quite bring myself to take pics of the food as it seemed like a clayyyyssy place if you know what I mean 😉 ) – the great hall was beautiful and surrounded by rich tapestries, crystal chandeliers and a roaring fireplace…

After another round of drinks, we soon retired to bed for the evening, agreeing to meet early for breakfast and head off on a proper walk around the grounds.

The grounds offer a host of different walks you can do, we settled our room bills and then headed off on our merry way…

Surrounded by beautiful golds and corn yellows, leaves easing off the trees and a low-slung sun which was taking its sweet time – which was fine by us 🙂

we wondered around the outskirts, spotting some of the locals…

I found my future house

we looped around the outside of the house before stepping in and exploring the corners we hadn’t had a chance to see the night before…

hunting out hidden cocktail bars…

… and sweeping staircases.

Luton Hoo is beautiful, the service is great and the massage treatments are really enjoyable; the food was indescribably good and the grounds are simply beautiful.

I walked home full of love and admiration for my sisters and Mum… My only wish? That we got to it more than once a year.

Have you been to Luton Hoo?








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  1. December 2, 2019 / 12:35

    I’m not a fan of spas but I must say, this one could very well change m ymind. Glad you had a lovely time catching up with your family – I’m one of three sisters too x

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