48 Hours In Bordeaux – Photo Diary!

“Fancy 48 hours in Bordeaux?”

“Sure, why not!”

As per usual Sim had a crazy travel idea and an invite with my name on it. As we were both skint we opted to stay in a Hostel – it was actually lovely and not at all the grim experience I anticipated. We stayed in Central Hostel . A lovely, modern and clean hostel with a cute little bar/ restaurant area downstairs too. The room cost us €29 per night.

Grab a tea, it’s a photo heavy post, so enjoy this whistle-stop tour of Bordeaux; wine, cheese, and Europe’s tallest Sand Dune!

We kicked off the day with a meander to a coffee shop, we’d hopped on the earliest flight possible, so coffee was an absolute must.

Then, it was time for a meander around the town, and to take in some of Bordeaux’s beautiful architecture…  

Some of it more famous than others…

Like the Place de la Bourse – which you can read more about here

And The Grand Theatre…

Of course, after a looooong (30 min) walk around the city, it was time to settle in for a large glass of Bordeaux (well, when in Bordeaux after all… ;)…), and of course some French Cheese. We stepped in to a little side restaurant, and we were not disappointed…

Fuelled with more curiosity, we continued our City meanderings, walking endlessly without much of a plan, just a couple of best pals wondering around and taking it all in…

We returned to the hostel for a quick change and went to a restaurant a friend had recommended to me. I put up an Insta story thanking said friend for the amazing recommendation only for her to reply with ‘oh, that’s not the restaurant I meant, that’s beautiful!!’. We stayed for a wine here but decided to head elsewhere for dinner. Happily, we weren’t bothered with phones, too busy chatting about life, sampling lots and LOTS of red wine, and watching people go by…

We had a wonderful evening, discovering unheard of little restaurants and laughing the night away in quirky side street bars. Full of cheese and wine, we headed home ready for an early start to catch the train to Arcachon the next day.

Once we arrived we wondered down to the beach, as we had some time to kill ahead of hopping on a bus to the base of the Sand Dune…

Pretty blue skies, seagulls larking and a host of people lounging outside of an Oyster Bar, it was a part of Bordeaux we wished we could both spend more time exploring!


Still, time was ticking, and after a quick paddle (only up to our ankles!) in the sea, it was time for us to hop on the bus and make a climb up to the tallest Sand Dune… Although, since then (when in Tarifa, for example!) I’ve heard that lots of places in Europe lay claim to ‘the world’s tallest Sand Dune’, so who knows ;-).

Let me tell you, it is horrific to climb up one, although Sim looks pretty good considering how knackering the uphill incline was! Although the landscape and surrounding view of the sea did make it worth it!

Then it was time to hurry hurry to our return train, and settle down for another couple of hours of gossip, catching up and drinking in allllll of the pretty architecture before I headed on to catch my flight home.

Another amazing adventure with one of my favourite people, I’ll drink to that!

Have you been to Bordeaux?


Kate x


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