Tarifa Travel Diary – Spain’s Hidden Gem Part 2

After our day of lounging in the sun, we decided some exploration was in order! We caught a cab into the Old Town, and entered through a beautiful entrance way, into a maze of lanes and alleys, each revealing a prettier row of shutter-adorned houses than the last.

As much as I love doing restaurant research, picking somewhere to go based on recommendations from friends, clients etc – there’s something akin to finding a hidden treasure when you wonder round the back streets of an old town, surveying the chalkboard menus and settling in based on their wine selection…

Then, we had another surprise up our sleeve for McG’s birthday – a bona fide lover of all things Spanish (even speaking it fluently!), we booked tickets for a local Flamenco show. Tickets were cheap, heard of through word-of-mouth from a friend… we walked through some more winding streets and even further in to the heart of the Old Town; climbed stairs into a hidden away, innocuous looking pub. Within 15 mins of the show starting, the place was absolutely rammed; the live guitarist, singer and beautiful dancer – once she appeared – told an incredible story. I really didn’t think it was something I’d enjoy, but I’d happily go every time I’m in Spain now. 

The place was so cute, and felt so steeped in history and Spanish tradition.

Deciding we fancied a bit more culture, we headed to bed with a resolve to wake up tomorrow and go and visit the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia, located about 15km outside of Tarifa, the ruins lie along the beautiful beach of Bolonia, so you can make a nice day out of your visit to the ruins; there’s a great museum full of detail and reworking of the ruins.

I was full of excitement on this day, because, as I mentioned in Part 1, we were here for L – my housemate and best friend of 12 years’ – birthday. I’d been sneakily spending the month gathering letters and photos from his friends and family over the years and pulling them all into a special book for him! We booked a spot in a restaurant which was perfect sun-set spot, and I hurried ahead of the others to decorate the table ready for L’s arrival. We had a very emotional night – laughing heaps at everyones contributions and all the lovely comments for my special friend on his big birthday!

The sun dropped lower in the sky, we poured the last of the champagne, full of good memories, happy thoughts and only with slightly heavy hearts at the prospect of going home tomorrow…

I can’t recommend Tarifa enough! 🙂

Kate x


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  1. February 19, 2020 / 19:29

    I’ve never been to a flamenco show before but I’d love to! I know that it’s something that I’d really enjoy doing but for some reason I’ve never actually been. It sounds amazing! x


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