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Arthur’s Seat was high on my Edinburgh ‘To Do’ list.

Monday – I arrived to thick fog, with Arthur’s Seat nearly visible in the distance.

Tuesday – I woke up and eagerly opened the curtains; more fog. On Tuesday night, an epic thunder storm rolled in. I was due to fly home Thursday, so I all but gave up hope whilst the storm rumbled all through the night.

Wednesday I woke up, made a coffee and opened the curtains – bright sunshine! I threw on my sports kit and hot-footed it over.

I climbed the steep incline of Arthur’s Seat, favourite †music in and the sun shining down on my face. It’s the little moments like this that make solo travel so worth it for me.

view from Arthur's Seat

I finally got to the top and I genuinely felt a bit overcome with emotion at just how beautiful the views were.

You can see for miles and miles, and I was so glad I’d waited until the view was completely clear.

I decided to walk down the ‘opposite’ side to the side I’d climbed up – a beautiful route that took me through Holyrood park.

Holyrood park

Next Stop…

As it was still early and the sun was getting higher in the sky, I decided to hop in a cab to take me down to Portobello Beach and Promenade.   Portobello Beach

I picked up coffee and a slice of cake (I figured cake for breakfast was A-OK given the hike!), sat down and watched the waves roll in for a while. It was beautiful and I had to keep reminding myself I was in Scotland, not somewhere far-flung!

Arthur’s Seat was incredible, and the visit to Portobello Beach just absolutely made my trip. It feels strange not to be going abroad this year, but I feel so lucky to have gotten to be near the sea, and to have taken in the beautiful scenery of Scotland from the up high!

Word to the wise though – I had to walk 10 mins back into town for a wee as there are no toilet facilities open at Arthur’s Seat at the mo! Just something to bear in mind before you head on up there.

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  1. James K
    September 24, 2020 / 18:25

    It is a great walk and also in Britain’s best city (in my opinion) so it’s a win win! I could happily live in Edinburgh but alas my bank balance wouldn’t allow it! I’ve not been to Edinburgh since August 2018 and your great posts make me miss it! X

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